Camping in Khwai

While Camping in Khwai we had amazing sightings.

How to spot predator activity during Overlanding and Camping?

The picture of dead trees with Vultures in it on our Homepage, is telling a story of give and take in our life. This photo was taken during a overlanding trip to “Mogotho Campsite” where we Camped in Khwai Village in Botswana.

vultures in dead trees at Magotho camp feeding from leftovers of Lions. found near dead elephant

Camping in Khwai this Vultures has a significant role in telling us more about what is going on in mother nature. So, vultures are the bittersweet indicators in what we are looking for.

As for us as Farmers the Vultures are not very good news, as it is a indication on the farm where predators prayed on our Livestock and that means our numbers are decreasing.

vulture eating dead zebra who is leftovers by loins .Khwai amping.

On overlanding trips this is good news in finding predators in their natural habitat. They are praying on some Game and Wildlife, and we get chance to experience Nature and get really close to some predators. This is one of the key things we are looking for while taking overlanding trips in Africa.

Overlanding and Camping allows you to get so close to nature. We are privileged to experience all of nature’s beauty. At nighttime the magic starts when you learn to listen to nature. You learn the different sounds of Africa.

Camping Tips for tracking predators

– Vultures are the main give away for active predators
– Tracks of predators in camping area enables you to track their movements
– Communicate with fellow campers and safari operators for information on predator activities
– Predators are very active before sunset and before and after sundown

Campsites in Moremi and Khwai area

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